Moses Barr


Moses Barr is the CEO of Barr & Co. Previously, he was a co-founder of Qumranet, sold to Red Hat. He previously co-founded software company XenSource which was sold to Citrix. Moses has frequently acted as a private angel investor in leading high- tech companies. He is the author of several text books in computer science and also taught computer science at Tel Aviv University. Before entering the high‐tech business, he was a career officer in the Israel Defense Forces. He was previously a board member/advisor of Hyper9 (sold to Solarwinds), of Qlayer (sold to Sun Microsystems), Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK), Zooppa, and of Zimory. Moses is at this time a board member/advisory board member of, Correlsense, OptiGrowth Capital, GreenSQL, H-Farm, Amplidata, Racktivity, Neebula, Quandoo GmbH, 28msec, torch GmbH, Opvizor Inc, vChain Inc. and ePRICE Spa

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