About Barr & Co


Barr & Co was founded by Moses Barr. The firm invests often in venture capital funds, private equity funds and hedge funds, or in start-up companies directly. 
Our goal is to use our balance sheet to generate attractive investment returns.  Our back-office team is highly experienced in complex equities and debt transactions, and is able to close large deals in both high and low pressure situations in a very short time when needed. Barr & Co will also often invest alongside the venture funds in which it holds partnership interests. 


Our Values

We at Barr & Co believe in long-term value creation through constructive and

fair cooperation with entrepreneurs. We strive to be honest and fair in our daily dealings and transactions. We work together with the entrepreneurs to build the best companies in their respective fields. We honor our commitments and deliver on our promises on time. We see it our task to provide entrepreneurs with the resources required to grow their companies and we exclusively partner with teams who share our values.

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